22 October 2014

Catchup posting from Adelaide

Afternoon! Before I start, some did you knows about Australia that we found out about along the way...

1.  Did you know, you can not take a pet rabbit from New South Wales into Queensland. If caught, you face fines of up tp $44,000 AUD?
2.  Did you know that most ratings given to how venomous snakes are, are given in relation to how they effect mice?
3.  Did you know that you can get into lots of trouble for bringing fruits like oranges and bananas interstate, for instance between Queensland and South Australia?

So, time for a catchup. We have left Brisbane and arrived at Chez Wood Martin in Adelaide where its been a bit warm. Hovering around the 35 mark. Today was supposed to be cooler, but doesn't feel like it. Think its about 32 today. Anyway, these pictures pretty much sum up the activites of the time between leaving Brisbane and this afternoon so far :-)

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