12 October 2014

Today, we were manly.

Morning, everyone!
Well, lets get started. Yesterday was our last full day in Sydney. Sydney is such a busy, bustling and thriving space that from time to time, peope want to get out of the city, even just for a few others. Now, that might sound like we were aiming for some deserted part of the landscape, but no. We wanted to escape the city, but escaping the hoards of people is a little bit more tricky. We boarded a ferry bound for Manly from wharf 5 of the quay, and we were off. A morning of beachwork followed. The ferry over to Manly takes about half an hour, and takes in views of all the waterfront properties around the area. It's my aim to see a shark in the wild while i'm in Oz, and knowing that they are present in the harbour area, i did spend alot of time staring down into the water looing for signs. Alas, a miserable fail, but never mind.
Manly is a clean, modern suburb with plenty of shops and bars along the main drag and lining the beach side road. There are also one or two surf shops. The wind was on-shore yesterday, so surf was small and spilling, but i should imagine it could get quite big here when conditions permit. The lifegaurds were on patrol across the whole beach, dilligently telling people off and advising them of the errors of their ways. We spent the morning on the beach soaking up some sun, something that we don't often do on holiday. In fact, i think this is the first time we have been on a holiday where our objective was to sit on a beach and do naff all. It didnt last long. We left the beach and found a market - yes, another one. We didn't buy anything.
The return ferry trip was just as pleasent, this time having views from the other side of the harbour towards the opera house. I didn't see any sharks.
Quick trip back to the hotel, and we made use of the hotel swimming pool. I was suprised i remembered how to swim. Its been a while.
I might have mentioned before, that its good food, onth in Sydney this month. And, as part of the celebrations, the city has Noodle Night in Hyde Park. We made our way there along with thousands of other people. There was live music, some random DJ bloke, a few bars and somewhere in the region of around 70 odd different noodle bars. Yakisoba it was then!
To round off a very enjoyable time in Sydney, we headed back down to circular quay, and to the Opera Bar for one last drink overlooking the harbour bridge. An excellent way to finish off a straight forward relaxing day.
Today, we meet up with an old friend and hopefully, make a new friend with our ride and accomodation for the next week or so, and the next leg of our trip. Where we go next? Not telling you yet :-)
Oh, and by the way, Ali bought! I haven't. I still want to though.

Interim posting. 3 quirky things in our bathroom.

1. You can have a poo with a view :-) Though the window in the bathroom isn't tinted or mirrored in any way, and all the office workers in the block opposite cam see into your bathroom, the toilet is still out of eye line of any other observers, leaving it possible for you to have a poo with a view.
2.  You can change the volume on the television whilst having your poo with a view thanks too this handy volume control next to the toilet. However, you can't see the television nor change the channel. The knob doesn't actually work either, making all a bit pointless really.
3.  You can make a phone call whilst having a poo with a view and fiddling with the tv volume knob that doesn't work. I don't know what's more amusing about this. Being able to call reception or room service whilst on the loo, or the knowledge that in all probability, the person answering the phone knows dam well that you are calling from the bothroom, and in all likelyhood, making use of the facilities whilst you are there. :-)