12 October 2014

Interim posting. 3 quirky things in our bathroom.

1. You can have a poo with a view :-) Though the window in the bathroom isn't tinted or mirrored in any way, and all the office workers in the block opposite cam see into your bathroom, the toilet is still out of eye line of any other observers, leaving it possible for you to have a poo with a view.
2.  You can change the volume on the television whilst having your poo with a view thanks too this handy volume control next to the toilet. However, you can't see the television nor change the channel. The knob doesn't actually work either, making all a bit pointless really.
3.  You can make a phone call whilst having a poo with a view and fiddling with the tv volume knob that doesn't work. I don't know what's more amusing about this. Being able to call reception or room service whilst on the loo, or the knowledge that in all probability, the person answering the phone knows dam well that you are calling from the bothroom, and in all likelyhood, making use of the facilities whilst you are there. :-)

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