9 October 2014

Blogging at Mac 0.84 at 40000 feet.

We must have just started our journey over the Indian Ocean when the call came over the cabin intercom 'If there is a paramedic, or doctor of medicine on board, then please make yourself known to a member of the cabin crew'.  The first thought that entered my head was 'I've never been to India before. This could be exciting!' thinking that we could possibly be in line for a medical emergency diversion. However, I am pleased to report that no further news has been received, and personaly, I put it down to trapped wind.
Role back the clock to a couple of hours before and a mad dash for our connecting flight. It's the quickest trip to Dubai airport either of us has ever experienced. Naturally, we had barely an hour between touching the runway one end, getting a bus trip around the airport, locating our next gate which was already boarding by the time we got there, and the leaving the other end of the runway. I will be mightely impressed if our luggage has made the same journey.
Emirates have thus far lived up to my expectations with decent grub and inflight entertainment. One thing i have noticed though is the difference between the A380 we travelled on to New Zealand, and this one. This seems to have even more room!
Officially, we're 7 hours away from Sydney at the moment, but lets face it, the body clock is well and truely screwed already. In Sydney, its 15.40 and 5.40pm in the UK. We've had breakfast at about 2am, tea last night and will be having tea again when we get to about 5ish again. We seemed to have lost dinner somewhere, but we have had pizza. And for those people wanting to start the whole breakfast/dinner/lunch/tea discussion, i put it to you that in school we had dinner ladies, not lunch ladies. Discussion over :-)
Anyway, I adorn this interim post with a lovely picture of sunrise over the Indian Ocean last night at some point, and a not too flattering orange tinted selfie from our seats here at 40000 feet.
Being too tight as I am to fork out for wifi access whilst mid Indian Ocean, i expect this entry to be saved, and published when we're back on terra firma, so the posting date migt not add up.
We're getting a tad bit excited now. We're going on holiday :-)

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